terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2015

Unique Touch - Concept Proof - Life and Love

The Game Project - Is Fun To Take Care aka Social Tool Kit - World Wide Conscious Cleaner

Respect Gods Will.
Religions try to give abstract concepts, each one using different perspectives of "What Life is and How Life must be."

I Love Philosophy but Most Religions, because they tell us to pay attention to the censorial interpretation of each one of us.  Lets try to make it real, in a mix of an illusion related to an action.

About a Dream:
"Out of compassion for me don't destroy my gifts"

‎Buddha ( YinYang ) commit suicide into the vibrational zone [ours], Odin alert Thor to send light, while falling two different perspectives open in space, and wake up Shiva.

Gods are ‎Love‬, but Love can't feel it self.

Gods Will, interact into human existence by sending someone to talk in the name of their perception of time and ‪‎human conscious.

Because ‪Gods respect ‪‎Time, a message was sent to me, to tell you what is the point of the situation: Humanity is living into a ‪Dark realm - "Black Birds - Red Eyes"

LICENSE "If you deny [my gifts], all your good deeds in your different births shall be mine, and all the bad deeds done by me shall be yours. If, on the contrary, you properly maintain the endowment, the merit shall belong to you alone."

The ‎Universe‬ is a little box, and Gods knowledge come ‪‎truly into every child.
Don't try to ignore what ‪‎children see, they know until you make them forget.

Gods don't forget! Today I am here to tell you, You Must Change Your Ways.
If you ignore it, Odin will come to ‎clean‬ ‎World‬ ‪‎Wide‬ ‎Conscious‬ showing no ‪‎mercy‬ with no game, or nor fun!

It is in your hands, like always was! I am their voice as a human body.

‎Spread for Love and I will show you good ‪‎Music! - Shiva

By OdicforceSounds aka Rakzhodekams ‪Artwork‬ ‎Visions‬Gifts!

I can only have time to think because it is in the blood.